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Thursday, September 14 • 7:00pm - 7:59pm
Killer Choreography

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Featuring videos that incorporate the art of movement, dance and even roller skating!

CAPYAC "Bubblegum" Directed by HELMUT 
Kasson Crooker "Arcadian" Directed by Sherif R.Alabede
Norah Jones "Tragedy" Directed by Aidan Brezonick and Chris Birkmeier
Oren Lavie "Second Hand Lovers" Directed by Oren Lavie
D∆WN "Lazarus" Directed by Monty Marsh
Lender "Take Your Time" DIrected by Max Sachar and Natasha Adorlee Johnson
Oren Lavie "Did You Really Say No" Directed by Oren Lavie
Christopher Biribauer "Iridescence" Directed by Eileen Byrne
Rey Pila "Alexander" Directed by JJ Pollack
Leo Justi "Passinho" Directed by Julio Secchin 

SYMBION PROJECT "Arcadian" Directed by Sherif R.Alabede 
Official SXSW 2017 Film Festival Nominee, Austin Music Video Festival Nominee, as well as Bellingham Music Film Fest (BMFF) and Seattle Transmedia Film Festival (STIFF)!

Arcadian is a song about escapism ~ consciously & intentionally making a choice to transform from one state to another as a form of leaving something painful behind, even with a loss of identity.

The idea behind "Arcadian" video was to create visuals that hinge on fantasy, escapism and use dance as the expressive language. A prison setting and impending execution seemed an appropriate metaphor to convey those themes. There had to be a sense realism in capturing subject matter as dark as a prisoner being executed (the "transformation"). As such, a conscience effort was made to lighten up the mood using a vibrant pink color palette. Pink became a dominate color in the fantasy world, whereas greens and pure blacks showed the stark environ of the real world.

Song by Seattle-based indie-electronic act Symbion Project and video created by LA director Sherif R. Alabede, featuring choreography and dance by Marcos Aguirre.

Oren Lavie "Second Hand Lovers" Directed by Oren Lavie 
In “Second Hand Lovers” a man in his early 30’s lives in his bachelor’s apartment, which he shares with the memory of all his past relationships. In fact he lives with the sum memory of all the women he has ever loved.

Lender "Take Your Time" DIrected by Max Sachar and Natasha Adorlee Johnson 
Obstacles can sometimes pull us apart, but they can also create a force that binds us. This is the framework behind ‘Take Your Time,’ a raw and powerful performance art piece & music video. The video explores the concept of time & relationships, by following a duet as they navigate complex obstacles and spaces.

Thoughtfully planned camera work and choreography help to lock the viewer into the meditative feel of the song, while also trying to offer a unique sense of time. The result was a single 5-minute shot choreographed backwards. This gives the video a beautifully haunting, dream-like aesthetic when played forward.

The video was directed by Natasha Adorlee Johnson, a dancer with ODC/Dance in San Francisco, and Max Sachar, a feature film animation manager at Pixar. The choreography was arranged by Natasha and performed by her group Concept o4.

The original song “Take Your Time” was written and performed by Lender, a Bay Area based indie rock band.

We were approached by Lender, an indie rock band based in the Bay Area, and they loved the idea of combining dance with one of their singles, “Take Your Time.” Natasha is a professional contemporary dancer and choreographer, and it only took one listen to agree that there could be a great match there. The song is an awesome groove that steadily builds, and the idea of doing the same with both body movements and camera work seemed like a challenging and interesting form of storytelling to explore.

Choreographing both action and camera work in reverse is a pretty difficult thing to do, but it was a challenge we were excited about, and eager to put our own spin on it.

We had seen a lot of videos and films using the reverse effect, but hadn’t seen any that had successfully done it in one single take. We were inspired by the challenge of trying to plan an entire dance sequence with that in mind, and choreographing movements that weren’t so obviously forward or backwards, therefore tricking the mind a little bit.

Oren Lavie "Did You Really Say No" Directed by Oren Lavie 

A couple – a man and a woman - live together in a house that is too big for the size of their relationship. Unable to communicate their feelings to each other, their attempts at dialog and gestures fade into silence. 

Christopher Biribauer "Iridescence" Directed by Eileen Byrne 

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, élodie turned her suffering and fears into a creative fight against the disease and the debilitating effects of the treatments used. Her latest work, Iridescence, is the personal story of her fight with cancer and the way she found to deal with the disease in a creative and hopeful manner. It's also a way of giving back and handing on the positive vibes that she's received from friends, family and strangers during the course of her disease.
‘There are many of us (patients, friends or family) fighting cancer with creativity. Composing, drawing, painting, writing, body art-ing etc., to prevent it from stealing our souls. So let’s share ideas and creations in order to inspire people around us, who in turn will inspire others.’
élodie M.

Rey Pila "Alexander" Directed by JJ Pollack

Inspired by the cinematography of Neon Demon, this video was shot guerilla-style over the course of two days in Austin. We wanted to match the frenetic, dreamy sound of Rey Pila’s Alexander with an appropriately futuristic story, and drew from the dystopian sci-fi worlds of movies like The Running Man and Rollerball — worlds where entertainment and self-expression have been co-opted for the benefit of a ruling class.

Thursday September 14, 2017 7:00pm - 7:59pm CDT
The North Door 501 Brushy St, Austin, TX 78702

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